DEEP Project Structure


Project Coordination

The coordinator Stefan Wiemer will be responsible for the global coordination and organization of the activities. He will rely on an experienced team of support staff, technicians, IT and scientists that are hosted at the Swiss Seismological Service and ETH. The Project Office, including the DEEP Project Manager (Banu Mena Cabrera), the Communication Officer (Michèle Marti) and Administrative / Financial Officer (Romano Meier) are responsible for the operational and financial administration of DEEP.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of one representative of each beneficiary. It is the responsible body for the execution of the project, maintains the overview of the project and its progress according to the Project Proposal and the Consortium Agreement. Executive Board decides on issues concerning the project and associated relationships with Geothermica through the Coordinator. It establishes appropriate guidelines for assessing and monitoring the project achievements, while ensuring that Geothermica’s monitoring guidelines are followed.

Stefan Wiemer, ETH Zurich Switzerland

Ernest Majer, LBNL USA

Jean Schmittbuhl (interim), Unistra France

Erik Saenger, IEG Germany

Jens Hannes, RWE Power AG

Chris Bean, DIAS Ireland

Evelina Trutnevyte, UNIGE Switzerland

Peter Meier, GES Switzerland

Annemarie Muntendam, TUDelft Netherlands

Janine Verweij, DAGO Netherlands

Kris Pankow, UUTAH USA

Management Board

The Management Board (MB) is in charge of the operational management (decision process, risk assessment, information flows) of the DEEP implementation and of ensuring the cohesion of the whole DEEP community.

Prof. Stefan Wiemer, ETH Zurich (Coordinator)

Dr. Banu Mena Cabrera, ETH Zurich (DEEP Manager)

Dr. Jérôme Vergne, EOST (WP1 Leader)

Rémi Fiori, EOST (WP1 Leader)

Prof. Erik Saenger, IEG (WP2 Leader)

Dr. Claudia Finger, IEG (WP2 Leader)

Dr. Luigi Passarelli, ETH Zurich (WP3 Leader)

Dr. Antonio Rinaldi, ETH Zurich (WP3 Leader)

Dr. Donald Vasco, LBNL (WP4 Leader)

Dr. Nori Nakata, LBNL (WP4 Leader)

Dr. Federica Lanza, ETH Zurich (Scientific Coordinator & WP5 Leader)