Advancing Best Practice and Tools for Seismic Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Communication (Work Package 5)

National and international standards, protocols and good practice guidelines for a-priori seismic risk assessment, monitoring and risk mitigation are critically important to enhance the safety of future projects, to spread good practice throughout the industry and to define a reliable and robust regulatory framework that regulators, operators and investors can refer to. DEEP will develop the next generation of these instruments.

Lead: ETH


Contact: Federica Lanza

Tasks WP5

Task 5.1: Developing the next-generation of national best-practice guide and protocols for monitoring, imaging and de-risking EGS projects.

Task 5.2: Improving and empirically testing risk communication and awareness approaches and decision support, including risk-cost-benefit analysis.

Task 5.3: Open-source toolbox, training and workflows for a-priori risk assessment and data-driven, real-time risk management

Task 5.4 Knowledge transfer to ongoing and future deep geothermal projects, such as Haute Sorne

Deliverables WP5

D 5.1: Report containing the national annexes for The Netherlands, Switzerland

D 5.2: Report with the results of two population surveys

D 5.3: Report containing the general guidelines for risk governance including protocols for seismic risk monitoring and imaging

D 5.4: Release of the open-source toolbox for a priori and real-time risk assessment


A list of all deliverables for DEEP is available here.